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20 June 2009 @ 11:49 am
i saw patrick wolf at the tralf.
it was magical.
completely magical.
jaguar love was great too.
crazy loud and energetic.
the plasticines are really nice.
we shared strawberry donuts with living things.
they're great guys.
life is great.
and i have money in my pocket.

Current Mood: magical
Current Music: the magic position- patrick wolf.
04 April 2009 @ 09:04 pm
im so lonely.
no matter what.
so antisocial.
but it's not my fault.
no one wants to me around me.
but that's my fault.
im ugly and fat, smelly and lazy.

i'm going to pittsburg on monday, but to this huge indoor water park first.
i don't wanna go.
i feel fat and disgusting in my bathing suit.
but whatever.

everyone is so goddamn fake.
Current Location: the shit hole.
Current Mood: regreatful
Current Music: true affection-The Blow.
 i got paid yesterday.
90 dollars.

i'll most likely spend it all on a amvets shopping trip.
or on sunglasses.
i want to start a band.
it could be awesome.
like gravy train!!!!,avenue D&&fannypack.
Current Music: you made me gay-Gravy Train!!!!
18 March 2008 @ 11:36 am

every time i take the camera out , i get all nervous and scared.
i think i'm the worst out of everyone.
but i'm the youngest too.

i'm not a filmmaker.
like what the hell??
sure my job is behind the camera.
but its behind and off to the side.
i'm the make-up artist.
or the hair stylist.
or the Art director.


i guess this may make me stronger.
but i still feel the same, just nervous and shaky all the time.
it sucks.

Current Music: one for you-The Knife